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Stacie P. - There has always been an immediate sense of relief that I have received in acupuncture from Anya! My body responds quickly to the treatments - more so than any other type of medical treatment. She provides such knowledge that is truly helping me to be my best and healthiest self! Her dedication is unbelievable. I thank God for Anya and her talents!!!!

Jo - My son and I began working with Anya about 90 days ago for his acne and ADHD. His skin has improved and continues to improve, along with his focus. At the same time I began working with Anya for stress and weight loss. Finding Anya at this time of my life has been a true blessing! She has taught me about the food I put in my body (which has also helped my son's skin) and not to be so hard on myself. My stress level has dropped tremendously, and I've started to lose the weight I've been holding onto for years. I've learned so much in the last 90 days and can't say thank you enough!

Mary S.
– Anya has helped me with many maladies including rashes and pain. She has a great deal of knowledge of the body and many therapies helpful in keeping one healthy - mind, body, and soul. I am impressed by her kindness and gentleness.

Paul M. – After suffering with severe pain in my shoulder for two weeks, I went to Anya. She suggested using Moxibustion. It sounded strange but I agreed. I walked out of her office pain-free and my shoulder has been fine for several months.

PhilAcupuncture Definitely Helps! My problems started with a root canal in May 2014. After the root canal was completed the tooth still had pain and the doctors said it was due to an infection and not the tooth. They put me on antibiotics for 80 days and I progressively got worse. I had generalized weakness, dizziness, distorted vision, numbness in my feet, burning in my thighs, strange vibrations throughout my body, and many more symptoms. After the doctor ordered 2 CT Scans, an MRI, and EMG tests they were able to rule out MS and other muscular diseases. At that point the doctor said I had a combination of bad effects of the root canal and side effects of the antibiotics. I was told the symptoms could last up to 2 years or be permanent. Since my root canal tooth still hurt after 12 months I had them pull the tooth.

I was off work sick and not even able to go grocery shopping for over a year when I was referred to see Anya in September 2015. I went with the Idea that I would give it a shot because nothing else was working. I sat down with Anya and told her my story and she said she knew what I had and she could fix me. I was surprised. It was the first time someone had given me hope since this started. She started me with acupuncture and special herbal teas. I get treatments weekly and have seen tremendous improvements. Most of my symptoms are either weakened or gone. And the great news is I started back to work 3 weeks ago. I know it will take a little longer to get rid of the rest of my symptoms but I am getting my life back. My daughter has described it as, “Anya has brought me back to life.”

If you are considering acupuncture I would highly recommend Anya.