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#1. A 32 year old patient arrived 3/19 with a complaint of an all body rash that has been there since the summer of 6/18. The patient was given treatment that day. They came for a recheck on 4/19 and the rash was completely gone in 3 weeks.

#2. A 6 year old patient came in with a complaint of recurrent impetigo on the face. This issue had persisted for one year prior to the visit. The patient was treated by the doctor with multiple rounds of antibiotics for one year. Other complaints of this patient were digestive issues that continued since early childhood. Patient was treated for both impetigo and digestive issues. First treatment end of 3/19; second treatment 4/19. Face Is clear and digestion much improved. Third treatment face remains clear, digestion improved. Patient dismissed.

#3. A female who was 32 years old came for treatment of Infertility. The patient did not have a period in several years. The patient was also going to go through an IUI. The patient had 13 acupuncture treatments and one IUI. Pregnancy was achieved and a patient had normal pregnancy that was carried out to term. Delivered a healthy baby.

#4. A 44 year old patient came to our clinic seeking help for lumbar pain on the right side of the body. Patient complained of disturbing dreams and constipation alternating with diarrhea; lots of belching and a lot of stress. In 7 visits all symptoms improved. Sleeping peacefully, no more pain, the belching is gone, bowel movements are normal.

#5. The case of a 21 year old athlete that came in complaining of tight shoulders. A treatment of cupping and acupuncture was administered and patient felt better after. Feedback was received a few days later that no follow-up session was needed at this time.

#6. The case of a 36 year old female seeking fertility assistance. First time this patient has been seen was 3 years ago (2015). She came in seeking help for fertility and anxiety. The patient has not been able to achieve pregnancy for one year. All testing was within normal ranges for her and her husband. We had 3 sessions focusing on anxiety relief and fertility. After three sessions pregnancy was achieved and patient discontinued treatments. Patient came back in 2018 to work on fertility for her second child. We started with 3 treatments close together, within one and a half weeks. The treatments focused on anxiety and fertility. Discussion of Chinese nutritional therapy was also given. We followed that up with one treatment once a week. On treatment number 7 pregnancy was confirmed. Patient discontinued treatment since that goal has been achieved.

#7. A case of a 63 year old patient who came in complaining of migraines, mid and low back pain. The pain has been present for almost 5 years. It started due to an accident 5 years ago. Patient received 5 treatments of acupuncture and cupping. After the first few treatments, patient started reporting some improvement. On treatment number 5 patient was comfortable and satisfied in the improvement of migraines and mid/low back pain. Patient discontinued treatments.

#8. A 66 year old patient come to an appointment with complaints of left shoulder pain. It was hard to put clothing over her head. Her other complaint was of sciatica pain of the left and right leg and back pain. She described the pain as sharp shooting, significantly increasing after standing. Other sensations were coldness and numbness. She also had some depression and anxiety. During the treatment she received cupping, acupuncture and moxa. She was given Moxa salve to use at home to help with qi and blood circulation and to help with numbness, coldness and pain. She came back in one week later describing her shoulder as being good. She still had some back pain and some hip pain. She was given an acupuncture and cupping treatment. In a week she said that she was so much better that she did not need an appointment at this time.

#9. This case will illustrate how some patients use Acupuncture and cupping on as-needed basis. A 50 year old patient came in seeking treatment for Plantar fasciitis and was given an acupuncture and cupping treatment. Patient came back in 2 weeks; the plantar fasciitis was not a problem now; seeking help with quadriceps pain. Patient treated with acupuncture and cupping. That has been resolved, three weeks later patient is presenting with right foot pain; treated with cupping and acupuncture. That last one resolved, patient is back 2 weeks later with IT band soreness. Patient treated with acupuncture and cupping. Patient is back in 4 months; the right foot is acting up again. Patient treated with acupuncture and cupping. Two months later the patient came back for a treatment of sprain. Three months later, treated for left sided pain. Patient is doing well, not back for one year. After a year patient came back for low back strain. One month later, back for a pulled muscle; one month later is back for pain in the shoulder. This case demonstrates that this athlete is using our services every time there is a pain, strain or injury of any kind.

# 10. A 40 year old patient who is a runner comes in on regular basis before and after major races, as well as tune ups during training. We also work on anxiety and depression. The patient is given acupuncture and cupping treatments.

# 11. A 74 year old patient come in with a complaint of constant and persistent diarrhea. The patient is emaciated and can’t tolerate very many foods. She is exhausted and spends most of her time in bed. This results in the patient eating very little. The patient is diagnosed with spleen deficiency and and given moxa treatments initially every 4 to 5 days (for the first 2 weeks); this is followed by a treatment in 7 days and then in 8 days. At this time patient is able to eat more and is no longer staying in bed most of the time. Diarrhea is only occasional due to eating foods she knows cause it.

# 12. A 32 year old woman sought acupuncture to induce labor at the end of her fortieth week of pregnancy. That evening she began contractions which continued through the next day. Within twenty four hours she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Many patients come in for treatment of simple colds, sore throat and allergies. They find that their symptoms are relieved and they are able to recover from these a lot faster. In many cases they are able to resume work or their regular activities. Over the years there have been many cases of fertility support. In these cases the women had various health factors involved. Almost all of them had some level of anxiety, frustration and a few other stress related issues. Here are just a few examples as follows: low ovarian reserve, having to correct deficiency after having two children and not being able to conceive the third, needing support wile going though IUI or IVF. From the Chinese Medical perspective these women benefited from acupuncture and Chinese nutritional therapy that helped establish and retain their pregnancy.