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What is a Chinese herbal treatment? Chinese herbal therapy is a major part of a traditional Chinese treatment. It has a written record that goes back as thousands of years in China. In China today Chinese Herbs are administered during a routine trip to a Traditional Chinese Hospital. In the way Chinese Medicine is practiced in the U.S. it includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Treatment, Chinese Nutritional Treatment and a variety of manual therapies. All these are considered essential for all conditions afflicting a modern patient. My training as a Chinese and Western herbalist/acupuncturist allows me to utilize traditional formulas that have been proven effective for chronic and acute conditions over centuries. There is also a wealth of current research available that points to scientific applications of herbs, minerals and extracts, the latest being herbal formulas that have been used in managing the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

What conditions are suitable for Chinese herbal treatment? As a stand alone or an adjunct to Acupuncture, Chinese herbs can address unhealthy body patterns that manifest in a variety of symptoms. Chinese herbal treatment aims to help the body regain balance and wellbeing. Chinese Herbal treatment is also very important as a basis for a healthy lifestyle. Chinese herbs may be administered to help:

• Decrease cold/flu symptoms and pathogenic influences
• Increase energy
• Improve lung function, including ronic and acute respiratory issues
• Improve and regulate digestion
• Improve sleep, including chronic insomnia
• Decrease pain anywhere in the body, including traumatic injuries
• Improve peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms
• Regulate menstrual cycles
• Infertility in men and women
• Headaches
• Improve the body's response to stress
• Improve vision and hearing
• Improve dermatological/skin conditions

Chinese herbal treatment and Acupuncture can also be a valuable additional therapy following cancer treatment to aid the body’s recovery from the after-effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation. Chinese herbs are useful in the recovery process of other chronic diseases, including autoimmune diseases.

Chinese herbal treatment is recommended for such chronic conditions such as:

• Multiple symptoms or hard to pinpoint health issues associated with POTS and Lyme
• Coming to the end of options with allopathic medical options and nothing seems to help
• Utilizing therapy that will not create side effects that a patient experienced with prescription medication
• Preventive treatment is being sought

What should you expect from a Chinese herbal consultation?
A complete intake of past health history will be preformed. During the intake you will be assessed for the quality of your pulses on both wrists. Tongue diagnostic reading will be assessed also. At the end of the full assessment there will be recommendations for a traditional or a custom formula. The session may also include Chinese nutritional recommendations.

Is Chinese herbal treatment a replacement for an allopathic western treatment?
No. Chinese herbal treatment is not a substitute for allopathic medical diagnosis or treatment. However, it can complement your allopathic treatment plan.

Will Chinese herbal treatment interfere with my medications? No. We are trained to know how herbal treatment can interact with prescription medications. In addition, we will always ask you about any over-the-counter medications and supplements you are taking to make sure that herbal treatment is safe and effective.